About Bergstein Enterprises

522f51d681f11_@!@_Bergstein_EnterprisesBergstein Enterprises, Ltd., which maintains a 35,000-square-foot office facility in Lubbock, Texas, serves as Standard Energy Services’ management firm, providing comprehensive accounting and payroll responsibilities, as well as information technology and account oversight. Furthermore, the company maintains a strong focus on operational and equipment safety, with leaders within the firm regularly presenting up-to-date safety seminars designed to inform employees of how best to protect themselves and their coworkers while on the job. As a result, Bergstein Enterprises has earned the approval of various insurance companies with whom it conducts business.

The management company operates under the leadership of Pieter Bergstein, who informs his responsibilities as chief executive officer with a record of success in the industry. After starting his first company, a collection of hot oil trucks, in the early 1980s, he expanded his focus to include hazardous material services, real estate, and disposal. Mr. Bergstein brings this experience to bear for Bergstein Enterprises, which has met the administrative needs of energy outfits since December of 2004.


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